LED Heatsink Extrusion
Dimension (mm): (Diameter)26*L1200
Space for PCB stripe (mm): 21.5 x 1.2
Space for power supply (mm): non
PC material: DOW C1#
AL material: A6063S-T5
Lamp holder: G13

Advantages of T8 led heatsink:

1. Easy to install, high light transmittance, zero diffracting spot, no dark zone.

2. Anti-RF interference, buzzing noise and UV radiation.
3. Low power consumption, high intensity, low lumen attenuation.
4. We use no mercury and other hazardous materials to put in producing.
5. High efficiency and energy-saving compared to conventional fluorescents which are equal bright, and consume 70-80% less energy.
6. Adopting low- pressure constant current power supply, glare is avoid, soft luminescence, stabilization, continuity, show you natural light.
7. Wide coverage for the power and voltage.
8. Transmission rate of Milky glass/PC cover is 92%.
9. Various choices for you, replacement is available.


1. Each product could offer the CAD file;

2.Our default length is 1200mm, PC default material is Dow;default luminousness is 85%.If you have other demands,We can produce by your requriements. 

3.We can offer different styles below:

length 600mm 1200mm 1500mm customized
pc material Dow Teijin Mitsubishi  
Luminousness 75%-80% 80%-85% 85%-90% customized
pc style transparent diffusion milky white customized